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This Thing Called Life

Chris Wilhelm and Friends
Chris Wilhelm


This Thing Called Life

by Chris Wilhelm


‘Cause I ain’t askin, for your permission

To do, what I was born to do

You may have your, own vision

You may have your, own truth

So won’t you listen, then ask your questions

May you find hope, wherever you roam

I’m goin’ up to the Blue Ridge Mountains

Gonna meet my savior on a clear afternoon



This thing called life

We’re all in it together

Through the stormy weather

It’s not all bad news

I hope you feel connected

To the folks around you

May you look out your window

to see a brighter day...


The things we do, when no one is looking

Gonna jump on the table, gonna go through the roof

When I was just a little boy, there was so much joy

In singing these songs

Cause nothing was wrong