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Long Live Your Tomorrows

Chris Wilhelm and Friends
Chris Wilhelm


"Long Live Your Tomorrows" by Chris Wilhelm


I went out walking, just the other day

Shoes on a wire, farewell yesterday

A forest for the lonely, a temporary home

Seldom iridescent, on an earthly tongue


Here’s one for the forgotten, may you find your way

50 cents and a dollar, we all got dreams to pay

For I’ve seen the eyes of the interstate

For I’ve seen the lifted, and those who just could not wait



Long live your tomorrows

May you carry on

For I’ve seen them weak

And I’ve seen them strong


For I’ve dreamt in colors something seldom found

Mountain-to-sea, Daddy long-legs upon my trail

I learned to pay attention and drop everything
These houses on stilts could never walk away

Careless remarks on an open mind
These daytime ghosts, these trees have eyes

So many variables, it was just a catalyst
Dreamin’ of an ocean, filled with words